Gear for Antarctica, Last degree to South pole trip

Here is my video of equipment I took for Antarctica, last degree to South Pole trip. I must say, that after I am back from the trip, I would maybe adjust some of the comments, but 90% of the gear was useful. Here are some links for gear, you can buy on Amazon. I don’t put here everything, just those, which I feel are somehow special for Antarctica trip.

Best shoes for this kind of trip 3 pin Baffin, rating -70°C

Merino wool base layer – recommend to have two long sleeves, long leg one 200wt (wool weight) and one heavier 350wt

Best underwear I know are SAXX – super comfortable.

Anorak is not easy to to find, and actually I dont have a link as I had to borrow one. But there are two important things: 1. needs to have fur around hood. 2. needs to be light, dont buy heavy anoraks.

Hand warmers, are good, I used them twice, but have in mind, they dont help much with unfreezing fingers. I find myself to have sweaty hand, but frozen fingers, like they are not connected. You need to have good gloves for that.

Don’t underestimate mittens. They needs to be as warm as possible. Black diamond has excellent one.

Small down jacket was excellent during very cold days.

Big parka jacket is absolute must if you want to survive on Antarctic plateau. You don’t need to have it during walk, but comes handy when you rest or build camp.

Face mask or balaclava doesn’t need to be super warm, but you need to be able to wear it whole day and breath through it. So important is to have solid mouth breathable piece.

Ski goggles are essential piece of equipment. Ale have very dark glass. I used rating S4 and it was fine. If I would go again, I would buy two pair of these as no matter as how good and expensive are, they will get foggy and it is not possible to unfog them during day. Having extra pair allows you to change them within a day.

And at the end one PRO tip. If you are photographer, then you battery capacity will be your concern. Use money belt on your body, where you will put your batteries and keep them warm all the time.

Hope its helpful, if you have other question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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